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Modern Equipments
ESport Events


Many Games
High entertainment


Exclusive Beverage Offer
Whiskey Tastings
Presentings, Team-building

Virtual Reality
Unlimited Imagination
HTC technology

PC Games

Be the best!
Gain the upper hand by playing on absolute top-notch gamer PC. In our PC area you will always find a currently high-end configuration. Play alone or in team the 10 gamer PCs will be available and will give you the best chance in winning in the online battle arenas. Whether you are playing strategy or fps games our high bandwidth internet will connect you with minimal ping and zero pocket loss to wreak havoc. You will play on 140Mhz gamer monitors and on high-end peripherals courtesy of Coolermaster. With this setup you cannot blame anybody if that headshot still doesn’t come! You can play alone or scrim in 5v5 and you are welcome to play your official matches from our place. May the best one win!


Enjoy the game!
No matter if PS or Xbox is your favourite we have them both. You can play the newest edition of consoles with a vast array of games (Fifa, Mortal, etc…) even on our big screen! Challenge your friends and have a beer or if you are in that age bring the kids and their friends either way, you having a good time is already guarantied. You can rent out the consoles for your events too. Have a mini contest among your friends or colleagues, hell if you are hardcore pitch them against each other. And if you are absolutely not competitive, just pick one of the platformers and save the damsel in distress.


Try one of our 100+ whiskies!
You can choose from 100+ different whiskies and other drinks at our bar. You can enjoy a random beer with your friends at us or you can come to party in our bar. Not only can you choose from our outstanding selection of drinks, but our bar mixers can also make cocktails or coffee specialties for you and your friends. You don’t know much about whiskies? Don’t worry our bar staff are professionals in recommending a drink to your liking. InGame Gamer Bar can be a perfect choice for birthday parties, company events or your next clan meeting. It will be a cool night, at a cool place, with cool drinks!

Virtual REality

Vistit us and step into a virtual world
You can try the real Virtual Reality experience on one of our HTC Vive stations. You can dive deep to visit a shipwreck, fight zombies, discover ancient ruins, or fly 1000 meters high at the first VR arcade of Budapest. The possibilities are truly limitless here!
You will always find the best technology and a vast collection of games at InGame VR arcade. We have party games and co-op too if both of you want to jump into the fight against virtual zombies.



vr (virtual reality)

pc games

ps4 - xbox one

1 hour / 4990 HUF

1 hour / 750 HUF

1 hour / 1000 huf


about us

InGame Gamer Bar and Vr arcade awaits you in the heart of the Budapest party district, with unrivaled gaming options and drink selection. May you play on PC, console or VR, be a gamer or not, you will have a good time at us.




If you have any question or perception,
please contact us!

1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 26-28.



Phone: +36 70 612 76 73



monday - sunday

12:00 - 02:00